Mission & Values

The Friends of Tryon Creek’s (FOTC) mission is to connect people to this important natural area, share our passion for the wonders of nature and inspire environmental stewardship in all. 

FOTC’s goal of adding value to the community’s experience of Tryon Creek State Natural Area (TCSNA) is achieved by:

  • offering meaningful educational and stewardship programs,
  • overseeing efforts to maintain trails and facilities,
  • creating a range of volunteer opportunities
  • and maintaining successful partnerships with OregonParks and Recreation Department and others who share our values and goals.

Organizational Values:

FOTC Board, staff and stakeholders value:

  • the importance of direct experience with the natural world
  • the integrity and diversity of the natural landscape
  • building community and new audiences
  • growing successful partnerships
  • inclusivity and accessibility to all
  • high-quality lifelong learning experiences
  • financial and organizational stability
  • creativity and resourcefulness
  • our relationships with our diverse constituencies

Vision Statement:

FOTC sees a strong societal imperative in actively connecting our broad audiences with the natural wonders of Tryon Creek State Natural Area. We fully understand the value that exposure to this world has on individuals of all ages, emotionally, psychologically and physically. In a time when we are seeing more dependence on and interest in technology, especially by children, FOTC is committed to reintroducing these audiences to the many benefits that this world has to offer and nurturing a renewed sense of commitment to its preservation.

As an organization, FOTC celebrates the legacy of this place while looking boldly to the future. Growing resources to be the best possible stewards of this place is our ultimate goal. To achieve this we will develop strategic partnerships, major donors and seek out businesses that share in this vision and will step up to support an organization that continues to produce meaningful and effective programs. Our key goal is to continue our legacy as leaders in environmental education, green space stewardship and volunteer programming that, for 40 years, has helped set the bar for community-driven, environmental non-profit organizations.