Self-Guided Activities

These PDF files are designed to be printed and brought to the park to enhance your enjoyment, exploration and understanding of Tryon Creek State Natural Area. We wish to thank the Portland State University Capstone students who have put these games and activities together.

Animal Trackers

Tryon Park provides many habitats for animals to live in. Sometimes the animals are hard to find, but if we look carefully, we can often find signs they leave behind. Here are some things you might see. Keep your eyes open, and Happy Tracking! [button...

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Bird Calls

Most wild animals are afraid of noise. They may think a predator is coming! For this activity, try to be as quiet as you can while you listen very closely for bird calls. Here are a few calls with which you can practice talking to birds. [button...

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Find these three plants in Tryon Creek State Park. Mark it on the map provided. Then learn more on the following page. Anwer the Questions. CLICK...

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History of Tryon

The area around Tryon Creek State Park was home to Native Americans living in semi nomadic tribal villages collecting food from the forest, hunting, and trading with other Native American groups from other areas. [button...

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Lichen Comic

The story of Freddy Fungus, Allison Algae, and how they took a Lichen to each other (a tale of two organisms) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD...

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Plant Detective

Can you find three things in the forest with different textures? Use your hands to find three differently textured objects. CLICK HERE TO...

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Watershed Adventure Game

Print out both pages and find a pair of dice to play the game, raindrops on the side of the board are to be cut out and used as game pieces. The game board is filled with fun facts about the watershed and conservation. You will meet some animals along the way too! Fun...

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HIKEO (a bingo adventure)

This brochure has a bingo like card on the inside and as you hike and explore Tryon Creek State Park look for the plants, trees, and animals that match the photos and mark them off your board. See who can fill in their board first and call HIKEO! A great way for...

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Refrigerator Fish

Print out both pages of the Save the Watershed and tape the salmon to your refrigerator then tape the action page to the top. There are five actions that you can do as a family to save the watershed and conserve water. After you have completed each action you can cut...

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