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Annual Trillium Lily Festival 

and Native & Hardy Plant Sale

Saturday and Sunday

April 11 – 12

10:00 – 4:00pm

The 35th Annual Trillium Lily Festival is almost here. The Friends of Tryon Creek, and its partner Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, are looking forward to celebrating spring with this fun-filled family event on April 11th & 12th.


 See below for activity details

Native and Hardy Plant Sale


Every spring nurseries from around the state come to Tryon Creek with a large range of native and hardy plant inventories available for purchase. This is an excellent place to pick up beautiful natives such as vine maple, red flowering current, salmonberry, Indian plum, Oregon grape, ferns, various irises, assorted wildflowers and, of course, our local Trilliums, among other things. As in year’s past, we will have a large selection of the beautiful Trillium ovatum for your backyard habitats. This early season perennial of the lily family awakens each year in Late February and early March slowly turning to a reddish-purple by the end of April or early May, making it a wonderful introduction to the spring wildflower season.

Plant Sale Nurseries at this year’s Festival

Petal Heads Nursery,

River Rock Nursery,

Trillium Gardens,

Wild Ginger Farms,

Bosky Dell Natives,

Whispering Springs Nursery

Woodland Way Nursery

Forest Flora Nursery


Trillium Lily Festival Activities

Please join us for these Nature Talks and Guided Hikes! In addition to our impressive native plant sale, we invite you to consider the value of habitat creation in your yard ~ extending habitat from the park to your own slice of sanctuary. We’ll be offering fun, inspiring nature talks and guided hikes for all ages throughout the Trillium Lily Festival, Saturday and Sunday April 11th and 12th.


Especially for Families

Visit our classroom for some fun family activities. We’ll get messy making wildflower seed balls that you can use to attract native pollinators. We’ll also have supplies to grow your own flower as we learn about seeds. We’ll have a flower scavenger hunt too, so drop in for some floral fun!

At 1PM on Saturday and Sunday we’ll have guided family hikes led by our experienced nature guides. No need to sign up, just show up for an adventure on the trails.


Nature Talks

Is Spring Early This Year? Nature Talk by Bruce Rottink, former forester and current volunteer extraordinaire. All of our plants follow recurring seasonal cycles of growth and reproduction. These cycles are driven by physical factors in the environment like temperature, day length and moisture availability. The study of these cycles is called phenology. Traditionally this has meant recording specific events like bud burst, flowering, fruit ripening, and more. This allows us to answer questions like, “Is spring early?” Our backyards are ripe for this kind of observation and there’s really no better way to get to know your plants.

Owls Around Here Nature Talk by Tess Kreofsky, Tryon Creek’s Owl monitoring leader and wildlife biologist. In this presentation we will discover the variety of owl species that inhabit Tryon Creek State Natural Area and other local greenspaces – from the large Great Horned Owl down to our most diminutive owl, the Pygmy Owl. We’ll gain an understanding of these owls’ habitat needs, diets, and breeding habits.

Attracting Reptiles and Amphibians to Your Yard Nature Talk by Matthew Collins, Education Director for Friends of Tryon Creek. Attracting “herps” (frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, snakes, lizards, and turtles) is a great way to increase diversity in your yard while preventing slugs, insects, and rodents from taking over. What’s more, attracting herps involves incorporating ponds, brush piles, rock piles, and basking sites into your yard. This talk will focus on Native Pacific NW herps, their diets, and attracting these species through adding habitat features to your landscape.

Backyard Birds Nature Talk by Nikkie West, Backyard Habitat Program Coordinator for Audubon Society of Portland. Everyone loves birds; they’re easy to care for, their plumage is often striking, and watching them flitter about inspires us contemplate the wonder of flight. This talk will focus on attracting a variety of bird species to your yard. You’ll leave with an understanding of what species you’ll attract, how to provide food and water, and what kinds of nesting sites you should cultivate through your plantings.


Featured Guided Hikes

Guided Trillium Lily Hikes Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am and 2:30pm. Trillium lilies are the highlight of the weekend. Each day at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm we’ll be sending folks into the forest with an experienced guide to discover the magnificence of these lilies. You’ll learn the significance of trilliums to indigenous peoples and discover how they’re inextricably linked to the activities of ants.

Healthy Forest Hikes Saturday and Sunday, 11:30 am. Oregon State Parks, the Friends of Tryon Creek, and the Tryon Creek Watershed Council have been hard at work for years removing invasive species, restoring salmon habitat, and working to get this gem of a forest into excellent ecological shape. On this hike we’ll be learning about stewardship at Tryon Creek as we take you on an exploration of how much effort truly goes into keeping this urban forest healthy for the enjoyment of all.

Jeffrey Gray <![CDATA[Nature Day Camp Registration is open!]]> 2015-03-30T22:25:38Z 2015-03-15T21:41:24Z ReadingToCampers
Our Summer Nature Day Camps camps are a fun way for kids to actively challenge their minds and bodies and use their creativity and imaginations in a natural setting. Each camp offers unique, age-appropriate activities that expose children to new and exciting outdoor adventures in a safe and friendly environment.

Here are the top three reasons to choose our camps this summer:


Real Ecological Experiences:

  • While experiencing fun and adventure in the forest, campers will be picking up a wealth of ecological knowledge.
  • Staff members are educated in the biological sciences and have a contagious passion for nature.
  • The fun hikes and hands-on explorations are grounded in engaging scientific practices. Our programs focus on a child-centered process of discovery that will prove incredibly enriching for your camper.
Fun for All Ages:

  • Campers as young as four years old can attend our Nature Day Camps and start developing a love of nature and curiosity for the natural world.
  • Children ages four through 5th grade can attend our half- or full-day camps located here at Tryon Creek State Natural Area.
  • Teens can participate in our Assistant Counselor program and work alongside the camp staff, gaining valuable leadership and teaching skills.

Highly Qualified Staff:

  • Our day camp instructors are professional environmental educators who come to us with a great mix of experience working with kids and ecological training.
  • FOTC instructors go through a lengthy interview process and background check, attend a week-long training and are first aid and CPR certified.
  •  All of our instructors are enthusiastic to share their passion for nature with your camper! 

Jeffrey Gray <![CDATA[Wapato Nature Walk]]> 2015-03-09T20:02:38Z 2015-03-09T20:00:32Z

Join a Park Naturalist for Morning Guided Walks at Wapato Access Greenway on Sauvie Island. These informal walks will focus on the local natural and cultural history, a peek at the rare oak savannah habitat and beginner birding basics. We will walk the trail around Virginia Lake, which is approximately 2 miles long. Walks will occur the third Saturday of each month. Bring binoculars and a water bottle. Meet in the parking lot at Wapato Access Greenway. For additional information or questions call 503-636-9886 ext. 225


To reach Wapato Greenway parking lot travel from the bridge onto the island, continue north on Sauvie Island Road, past the intersection with Reeder Rd, past Ferry Road boat ramp turnoff, to the marked parking lot on the left.


June 20th, 2015 8:00 AM   through   11:00 AM
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View from Obies Bridge – Tryon Creek State Natural Area

The legacy of Tryon Creek is all around us. As we hike through the canyon we are taking a stroll through history, both geological and cultural. Indeed, even the bridges are a testament to the rich history of this park. Have you ever wondered where Obie’s bridge got its name? The story begins over 90 years ago.

Tryon Creek has an equestrian lineage that dates back to the great depression. During this time Mountain Park, Westlake, Dunthorpe, the South Shore Area of Lake Oswego, and our canyon were part of a vast network of interconnected equestrian trails. Digging deeper into oral histories we discovered that The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built one of these trails, a stretch from Dunthorpe to Englewood. If you imagine the concurrent impact of logging in the park, you can imagine that horseback riding in the Tryon Creek canyon was not for the faint of heart. According to past riders, “there was a log slide where they used to slide logs down to the creek. This thing went down really steep and at the start was a little bench that you had to jump down a couple of feet and you would just start sliding until you got clear down into the creek canyon. There was no turning around! I mean it was so steep you couldn’t possibly turn around. You just had to keep going. The horses seemed to do ok…my horse did it…You had to be pretty brave to do it” (Anonymous). The trails were all named, including the challenging “three jump trail.”

These routes were also used by riders in the Oswego Hunt Club. The Oswego Hunt Club would sponsor Sunday Paper chases in which, small pieces of paper with fox scent would be placed throughout the park. As the hounds would chase the scent, “it would be like a fox hunt only with paper trails and there would be false trails to go off on them only to have to turn around and come galloping back” (Anonymous).

Riders from the Oswego Hunt Club and the Englewood Neighborhood served as some of Tryon Creek’s first trail builders and maintenance crews. Englewood resident and horseman, George Herman Oberteuffer, was renowned for his dedication to this first system of trails in the park and as such, Obie’s bridge is named for Mr. Oberteuffer’s contribution. Mr. Oberteuffer had a son in 1919, William H. Oberteuffer. William “Bill” Oberteuffer sat on the Friends’ original steering committee in 1969, whose efforts were directed toward establishing a non-profit organization which could promote the park and coordinate efforts between local governments. Bill was a high school teacher, Mazama, OSU Professor, Ranch owner, and a recognized expert in sustainable forestry. Bill passed away in September 2006, but the contributions of the Oberteuffers to this park will never be forgotten.

By Matthew Collins, Education Director 

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The Friends of Tryon Creek hosted our 3rd Annual Trillium Gala March 15th  on the lovely Lewis & Clark College campus.

The 2015 Trillium Gala, Then & Now celebrated our shared love for Tryon Creek through the years.

Tryon Creek Natural Area continues to provide a place for the children of Portland & Lake Oswego to play, surrounded by the sights and sounds nature as they have for generations.

For the event, the Friends created a series of video clips documenting the stories of adults who grew up exploring, building forts and having adventures in Tryon, before it was a park.

If you have stories to share, please contact Monica Smiley 503 636 4398

The event features gourmet dinner, silent auction, 1930’s themed cocktail hour with the Tryonfriends Douglas-Fir Old Fashioned & Live music by the Stolen Sweets, a swing jazz confection.  The Gala is a fun way to lend your support to the Friends of Tryon Creek!

Founder’s Story


Then and Now


Make a Donation Today


Additional Sponsors

A Cena

AAA of Oregon

Anderson Family Winery

Annie Bloom’s Books

Ardiri Winery and Vineyards

Bob and Sallie Snyder

Body Vox


Bridge City Café

Cabbot Creamery

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum

Columbia Gorge Hotel

Copper Monkey Event Center

Corkscrew Wine Bar

Cupcake Jones

Cutting Board

Denise Harrison and Jed Roberts

Deschutes Brewery

E & R Wine Shop

Elk Cove Vineyard and Winery

Family Fun Center

Fred Meyer, Burlingame

Gary and Nancy Cardwell

Gary and Toni Pagenstecher

Grand Central Baking Company

Higgins Restaurant & Bar

Hip Chicks do Wine

Holleran Vineyard Wines

Hot Lips Pizza

House Spirits Distillery

Iron Horse Restaurant

Jan and Gary Johanns

Jeff Lang and Ramona Svendgard

Jerry’s Rogue River Jet Boats

Judy Stubb

King’s Raven Winery

Lake Oswego Liquor, Wine & Cigars

Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course

Lakewood Theatre Company

Lambs Market

Landmark Ford

Little T Bakery


Manzana Rotisserie Grill

Marine Discovery Tours

Mariner Square

Market of Choice

Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Winery

Matthew Collins

Mediterranean Exploration Company


Moreland Farmers Pantry

Mo’s Chowder

Mt. Bachelor

Nate and Heather Reagan

New Seasons Gift Basket

Oregon Ballet Theatre

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Oregon Symphony

Oswego Hills Vineyard and Winery

Pamplin Family Winery


Portland Aquarium

Portland Baroque Orchestra

Portland Bottle Shop

Portland Center Stage

Portland Children’s Museum

Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Portland Parks & Recreation

Portland Spirit

Portland Timbers

Portland Trailblazers

Portland Youth Philharmonic

Portland’s Culinary Workshop

Ribera Vineyards

Roco Winery

Seasons and Regions Seafood Grill

Seattle Mariners

Sharon and Doug Hawley

Southpark Restaurant

Spirit of Portland

St Honore

St Joseph Estate

Stephanie and Rick Wagner

Storyteller Wine Company

Switch Shoes

Tasty and Alder or Tasty & Sons

Terry and Debbie Griffen

TeSoaria Vineyard and Winery

The High Desert Museum

The Olive and the Grape

The Oregon Wine Garden


Village Glass Studio

Vincent Wine Company

Voodoo Donuts

Wanderlust Tours

Weizer’s Fine Wines

White Bird Dance

World Class Wines


Jeffrey Gray <![CDATA[Nature Inspired Abstract Drawing with local artist, Stacey Thalden]]> 2014-12-23T21:46:36Z 2014-12-23T21:46:36Z 0 Jeffrey Gray <![CDATA[Wapato Nature Walk]]> 2014-12-15T00:01:00Z 2014-12-15T00:01:00Z 0 Jeffrey Gray <![CDATA[Wapato Nature Walk]]> 2014-12-15T00:00:46Z 2014-12-15T00:00:46Z 0