Summer Nature Day Camps

Registration will be ready January 15, 2017 

Camp sessions have specific themes that will guide conversations and activities.  All camps include hiking, songs, crafts, stories, and of course games and forts in the meadow.  We will be exploring nature through sensory exploration and hands on activities. Each camp will end with a special ceremony where parents and family members are invited to experience a slice of camp life through stories and songs.
Camp Descriptions

Half Day Camps

9:00 – 1:00pm

Ages 4 – 6

Sensational Senses
Ages 4-5: June 20-24, August 1-5
What does a beaver tail feel like, why do people wear mink coats?  During this camp, we will touch, smell, see and even taste nature!  Campers will take the time to smell a red cedar while feeling how clothes were once made from the bark.  Campers will leave with a new awareness of the natural world.
Antennas and Compound Eyes

Ages 5-6: June 27-July 1

Ages 4-5: August 15-19

Why do bugs have antennas anyway? The park is filled with spectacular six legged creatures.  Campers will explore the world of insects by inspecting, crafting, and seeing a different bug every day!  Campers will discover what it is like to see the world through compound eyes, they will never look at a bug the same way after attending this camp.
Forest Games and Meadow Madness

Ages 4-5: July 5-8 (4 days)

Ages 5-6: July 25-29

There is no better way to pass the time on a summer day than playing in the forest and soaking up the sun in a meadow.   Campers will learn new games, build sturdy forts, create ivy crowns and discover the wonders of nature.  The meadow is very special place for Tryon campers, we are excited to share it with your child.
It’s a small world
Ages 5-6: July 11-15
Come with us as we shrink our perspective to take a look at the hidden habitats around Tryon.  What’s hiding in the crevices of a the Douglas Fir’s gnarled bark?  Who lives in the soil amongst the rocks and roots? How do creatures survive in a clump of moss?  All these questions answered and more as campers explore the micro-life here at Tryon Creek.
Feathered Friends

Ages 4-5: July 18-22

Ages 5-6: August 8-12

Tryon Creek is full of feathered friends.  Some are bright, some eat insects, and some you can barely see!  Campers will meet Audubon Society raptor, and discover what summer time birds live in the park.  We will make bird feeders, learn what our feathered friends enjoy eating and make sure the park’s feeders are full and welcoming.

Full Day Camps

9:00 – 3:00pm

Grades 1 – 5

Campers will be grouped by age

Forest Games and Meadow Madness

June 20-24

August 15-19

During this exciting week, campers will journey to the far reaches of the park and activities will guide observations to the small details that make this place special. Secret places will be discovered through geo-caching and orienteering scavenger hunts. Friendships will be forged through fort building, games, and nature play.  Memories will be preserved through nature sketching, map making, and exciting arts and craft projects.  We’ll also have plenty of time for hands-on science explorations and experiments. This fun-filled camp has something for everyone!
Naturalist Adventures

June 27-July 1

August 1-5

Campers will learn what it takes to be a naturalist.  We will hike the trails, make observations, and discover the signs that are left behind from the creatures that call the park their home.  During this camp we will learn how to build several types of forts using natural materials.  By the end of camp your camper will be a Naturalist!

July 5-8 (4 days)

July 25-29

Back by popular demand! Summer Camp is a place to be away from screens, but it can also be a place that utilizes technology.   During this camp we will incorporate technology to help us solve mysteries of the forest.  We’ll use ipads in the forest for nature photography, GPS units to track animal homes, and dissecting scopes to discover all the creatures hidden by their size.  This camp will also feature plenty of time away from screens as we make use of indigenous technology and tools from throughout history.
Sweat the small stuff
July 11-15
This camp takes us under the duff and through the microscope to explore the forest from a smaller perspective.  We’ll hunt for some of Tryon’s tiniest inhabitants and take a look at how each rock, fallen log, or snowberry plant hosts its own mini-ecosystem just waiting to be discovered.
Teeth and Talons

July 18-22

August 8-12

What do mole teeth look like?  How strong are red-tailed hawk talons?  During this camp we will discover what helps the top predators stay on top and how the hunted can stay alive.  Campers will meet a bird of prey and discover where they live in the park.