11:00am – Tribal Blessing & Keynote
Presentation of Traditional Lifeways and the Natural History of Western Oregon, presented by Greg Archuleta, Grand Ronde tribal member, in outside Friends Circle.

12:00pm – Interpretive Stations 
Tribal led demonstrations on trails and in Jackson Outdoor Shelter. Through demonstrations, exhibits, and sharing, tribal representatives will host activities related to the traditional lifeways of the Tribes of NW Oregon through carving, basketry, and other cultural arts; and native ethno-botany.

1:00pm – Cooking Demonstration 
Located in central parking area. Includes a fire pit demonstration of cooking salmon and lamprey.

3:00pm – Event wrap-up
Interpretative stations and cooking wrap up.

Cultural Day: Traditional Lifeways of NW Oregon Tribes

Saturday, Apr 15, 2017

11:00 am 3:00 pm

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