We celebrated Summer Camp’s 40th year with 750 campers in 9 week-long sessions. We were very excited to have campers from partner organizations REACH Community Development and Friends of the Children. Summer wouldn’t be the same around the park without camp songs, meadow days, and happy tired campers!

We are already planning a great camp line up for 2016.

Please look for Winter and Spring Break Camps soon.

Many of the Assistant Counselors were once campers in their elementary school years. We had an Assistant Counselor “graduate” from camp this year. Coral Ng has graduated from high school and is going off to college. Coral started attending camp at Tryon when she was six years old in 2004, she attended camp until 2008. She became an Assistant Counselor when she was entering ninth grade.

Coral distinctly remembers thinking that Assistant Counselors were “so cool” and one day she wanted to be one of them; now she can say that that dream came true.

The Summer Camp Assistant Counselor Program has hosted hundreds of high school aged youth throughout the 40 years of camps at Tryon Creek. The role of an Assistant Counselor is to be an assistant to the Instructors by helping gather materials, leading activities, and problem solving the dilemmas of 7 year olds. It is these things and much more – it is also to be a mentor, a friend, a listener, and give back to a place that many of them had their first nature experiences as a camper.

This type of generational mentorship enriches the program, the campers and the Assistant Counselor experience. It is a magical thing to see and feel the special bond between a camper and an Assistant counselor.

What's your Tryon Creek story?

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